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Day 12 – 340 miles ran…and counting!


Santa Maria -> Vandenberg -> Foley Vineyards This morning Richard and Panos are running through wine country with wonderful views!!   Richard's friends and supporters came up today to surprise him!!  These are just some of the amazing people who have helped make Richard's 700 mile run possible. Thank you to everyone who has helped (read more)

Day 11 – 310 miles ran…and counting!


San Luis Obispo -> Arroyo Grande -> Santa Maria Today is Livestrong Day and we are extremely grateful for all the support they have provided to ENF. Richard is running today in a yellow Livestrong shirt in honor of their day and to show gratitude. Thank you Livestrong Foundation for your support!  Richard thanks Livestrong (read more)

Day 10 – 280 miles ran…and counting!


Cambria -> Morro Bay -> San Luis Obispo Saw the first live snake on the side of the road this morning. Eric joined Richard for his 3rd 15-mile run in a row this morning heading toward Morro Bay. Richard is on Day 10 of running 30 miles a day. The sun came out strong today and (read more)

Day 9 – 250 miles ran…and counting!


Ragged Point -> Hearst Castle -> Cambria Richard ran through San Simeon pretty much on flat land with the wind at his back.                   He finished in Cambria. He had a slightly longer route today and not as "thrilling" as his run through Big Sur. His route consisted (read more)

Day 8 – 220 miles ran…and counting!


Big Creek Turnout -> Gorda -> Ragged Point Richard's friend, Eric, is joining Richard for the first 15 miles this morning from Big Creek Bridge to Sand Dollar Picnic Area. Thanks Eric for your support!!! Go Richard and Eric GO!                       Richard made it through (read more)

Day 7 – 190 miles ran….and counting!


Bixby Creek Bridge -> Ventana -> Big Creek Turnout During the morning, Richard was running with the clouds, through beautiful scenery. Then, he powered UP HILL the last 3 miles of the morning run with the sun beating down on him in Ventana. Richard finished running (Saturday) about 45 miles through BIG SUR > which was tough (read more)

Day 6 – 160 miles ran….and counting!


Marina -> Carmel -> Bixby Creek Bridge Fun Fact: Richard has 8 pairs of the same men's 890 New Balance running shoes. So far he has used a new pair of shoes every day, then he will recycle through them. This morning, after finishing in Carmel, he said he really enjoyed listening to the sea lions along (read more)

Day 5 – 130 miles ran….


Aptos -> Watsonville -> Marina Richard said he took it a little easier today because most of the course was flat, and every day has had hills. He has Big Sur coming up for the second half of Friday and all day Saturday. He said he enjoyed all the agriculture, especially the "Strawberry Fields Forever"  (read more)

Day 4 – 95 miles ran


Greyhound Rock -> Santa Cruz ->Aptos Richard's friend and SD Track Club member, Bob, joined Richard on the first 15 miles this morning. "Nice hearing someone else's footsteps," said Richard about Bob joining him today. Richard is very fortunate to have a great group of running buddies that will be joining him off and on (read more)

Day 3 – 65 miles ran


Half Moon Bay -> Pescadero. First run alone for Richard as he leaves Half Moon Bay. Richard is solid and feels good this morning. He relies heavily on his Hammer Nutrition bars and carries a Hammer powder shake with him as he runs. Hammer should be sponsoring him! He relies on their products! He only (read more)

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