Foley Vineyards -> Santa Ynez -> Cold Spring

This morning’s run finished at the Santa Ynez Airport. Panos finished his last 15 miles with a blister on his toe. Thank you Panos for hanging tough with Richard!! He loves hearing someone else’s footsteps. The second run of the day was the hardest with 86 degrees on their backs!










Fun Fact: Richard wears 2 new pairs of socks a day, 2 new shirts a day (he has 5 shirts), 2 new shorts a day (he brought a dozen) and wears a new visor (he has 3 visors) when he runs 15 miles, twice a day, 3 days in a row. The 4th day = REST and ICE. He takes an ice bath immediately following the second run, every day. Some hotels do not had bath tubs, so he cannot ice after some runs, which leaves him in a little more pain the next day.