Ride With Emilio

Ride With Emilio makes sure that low-income children with cancer are able to attend their life-saving treatment appointments, on time, every time.

We have eliminated all missed appointments due to lack of transportation and to date, Ride With Emilio has traveled close to 1.3 million miles, and safely transported 5,000 children in Southern California.

Our mission is to ensure that no child misses a cancer treatment due to lack of transportation.

Ride with Emilio

Ride With Emilio’s Annual Impact

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Snack Bags

Our healthy nutrition snack bags are distributed for FREE to children with cancer receiving chemotherapy treatments. Before their treatments, children need to fast, as soon as they finish, we provide a nutritious snack that includes a balance of protein, fruit and carbohydrates. To date, the Emilio Nares Foundation has distributed 20,503 hospital-approved snack bags to young patients receiving cancer treatments at Rady Children Hospital and Children’s Hospital Orange County.

End of Life Child and Family Care

There are no words to describe watching a family fight cancer and ultimately deal with the loss of a child. That’s why we do everything in our power to anticipate their needs during this time of grief. We provide much needed assistance to families with financial aid, funeral costs, fulfillment of children’s wishes, and meal cards during the last days of a child’s life. In addition, as part of the hospital’s palliative care program, we provide purple hearts for end-of-life ceremonies provided by hospital representatives.

Family Resource Center

Our trained, bilingual staff members help navigate families through honest dialogue and access to information on what cancer they’re fighting, treatment, housing, employment, financial aid, legal aid, and other forms of assistance in a computer lab at Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego and Orange County.

E​milio’s ​Loving Tabs™

Our specially designed t-shirts, enable providers to access the permanent catheter port in a young patient’s chest to deliver chemotherapy and other medications without the child having to lift or remove the shirt, relieving stress and fear by making the child more comfortable.

To date, 2,632 shirts have been distributed nationally across the US for free, to newly diagnosed cancer patients at all major children’s hospitals.

Our goal is to distribute loving tab shirts to children’s hospital across the nation!

Loving Tabs Map