• Launched 2005
  • Supports 167 patients and their families
  • Operates three vans and two full-time drivers
  • Traveling 60,000 miles for 2,560 rides per year
  • We Need $150,000 annually (includes gas, vehicle maintenance, and paying the driver) to effectively serve the region

How you can help

Ride With Emilio San Diego

“ENF worked closely with us every step of the way. The quality of their service and the kindness of the staff have been a source of comfort all these years. We could not make it without the Ride With Emilio transportation service.”

Magaly, mother of 9-year-old Hailey

If you need transportation services in San Diego County contact your social worker or our transportation coordinator Luz at 619-944-1743.

Help us make a difference for children and their families battling cancer.