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Richard Runs California

Richard Nares ran nearly 700 miles from San Francisco to San Diego to raise money for children with cancer. Follow his amazing journey!

Richard Ran California…with help from amazing people!

This video was made as a montage to Richard’s efforts and for the amazing people who volunteered their time and talent to make Richard’s Run from San Francisco to Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego a success! Thank you to all of those involved with Richard’s Run!


Day 23 – 650 miles ran and… HE DID IT!

Clairemont -> Rady Children’s Hospital

After such a long, spiritual and amazing journey, Richard ran his last 5 miles from Clairemont to Rady Children’s Hospital! Congratulations to Richard for completing his 700-mile run from San Francisco to Rady Children’s last Saturday.


Thank you to everyone who supported Richard and ENF throughtout this journey: Sponsors, donors, runners, volunteers, staff  family and friends. Click here to see Richard’s finish video.

Watch Channel 10 Finish Line Story

Helping Kids with Cancer: Richard Nares Ends 700-Mile Run at Rady Children’s from Rady Children’s Hospital on Vimeo.












Day 21 – 613 miles ran…and almost home!

Laguna Beach -> San Onofre -> Oceanside Harbor

Richard says most this run has been very spiritual for him. He thinks a lot about Emilio and ENF’s patients. Other times, he listens to his body and adjusts his form and/or breathing. He is running through San Clemente right now!












Third to last day. See what Richard has to say about who he is running for…  Richard’s Inspiration

Richard’s friends and San Diego Track Club members Bob, Nena and Mark joined him for the run through Camp Pendleton finishing at Oceanside Harbor around 5, 530pm! He was greeted by family and friends in Oceanside! Thanks everyone for coming out.

Day 19 – 550 miles ran…and still counting!

Alamitos Bay -> Huntington Beach -> Orange

During his morning run through Sunset Beach, Richard heard someone on their bikes say, “that’s the guy!” Yes it is!!! We are so proud of you Richard!












Steve, our logistics king, mapped out Richards entire route and is running this afternoon with Richard! A huge thank you Steve for EVERYTHING he has done for Richards Run / ENF.

Day 18 – 525 miles…and still counting!

Dockweiler State Beach -> Palos Verdes -> Alamitos Bay

This morning, Richard ran on the Manhattan Beach strand. Thank you to everyone who has supported him in LA!


Thanks so much to Elizabeth Espinosa of KTLA 5 for sharing Richard’s story and inspiration.  Immediately after the interviews, Richard kept going to finish his second 15 miles of the day in Long Beach!


Day 17 – 495 miles…and counting

Zuma Beach -> Topanga Beach -> Dockweiler State Beach

The boys loved Donna’s company while running through Malibu.  Also, a HUGE thank you to Lanette for meeting us on our break and giving Richard a much needed bag of fruit, his favorite hammer products, socks (that he wears!) and much much more! Thanks Lanette and Donna  for being so thoughtful and generous. He really appreciates it!










Richard’s lovely wife and biggest supporter, Diane, is joining us for the weekend to cheer him on! GO Richard, GO! He is finishing this afternoon Dockweiler Beach in Marina Del Rey!


Day 16 – 465 miles ran…and counting!

Mandalay Beach -> Mugu Beach -> Zuma Beach

There is a high surf advisory today…that’s because Richard is about to come through LA and will be making waves!













65 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze. He’s running 14 miles this afternoon through Malibu to Zuma Beach.

Richard running through Malibu

Day 15 – 435 miles ran…and counting!

Rincon Mountain -> Oak View -> Mandalay Beach

Here he goes…an uphill, slow, 800 feet climb toward Ojai.

Ever wonder what Richard’s view is? What he sees? What he hears? Check out his view at the top of the Ojai mountain, looking out at Lake Casitas – heading downhill this morning!! Runners are supposed to look 10-20 feet ahead of them: Richard’s View













Richard just finished his first 15 miles of the day and is getting knee-deep in the ocean! The ocean water feels amazing on his legs!!













For the second 15 miles, we are following Richard’s steps.  See what it feels like to be running next to Richard: Richard Running

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