• Launched 2009
  • Supports 40 patients and their families

  • Operates two vans, one full-time driver and one part-time driver

  • Traveling 20,500 miles for 1,200 rides per year

  • We Need $110,000 annually (includes gas, vehicle maintenance, and paying the driver) to effectively serve the region

How you can help

We have an urgent need for $35,000 to purchase
a new van!


Ride with Emilio OCAditya has been cancer free for three years and the family chose to celebrate his sixth birthday with ENF. “We decided to visit ENF and thank the people who helped us when we had no one. We are so thankful and want to give back a little so that other kids going through this difficult journey get the same help we received.”
— Sanjean, father of Aditya

If you need transportation services in Orange County contact your social worker or our transportation coordinator Margarita at 714-350-5763.

Help us make a difference for children and their families battling cancer.