“Children fighting for their lives, should not have to fight for their dignity.”

Emilio's Loving Tabs Healing T-Shirts

Every child battling cancer deserves a sense of comfort and control

Loving Tabs Tshirts

E​milio’s ​Loving Tabs™​ ​are specially designed to facilitate access to medical devices without requiring a scared child to remove their garment. The cotton-blend is breathable, soft and warm against tender skin. ENF designed the​ ​shirt to easily open with tabs on the shoulder, enabling medical providers to access the permanent catheter port positioned in the child’s chest to receive chemotherapy treatment, take blood samples and other procedures.

For children, lifting or removing their shirts several times a day for required procedures creates unnecessary stress and fear. Emilio’s​ ​Loving Tabs™ ​shirts​​ ​enable a sense of “normalcy” and comfort when children are receiving grueling chemotherapy.

We hope you will support this important program as a sponsor! Emilio’s Loving Tabs​™ shirts are just $​40 eac​h, and ​will be ​gifted ​to children fighting cancer at Children’s Hospitals ​all over the country.​​

Loving Tabs Tshirts

“These t-shirts have provided such thoughtful comfort to our patients, and have lightened the burden on parents seeking to calm their children at a very stressful time. It is also a wonderful resource for our caregivers, who provide the most compassionate care possible. This type of tangible philanthropy is often the most practical support our patients receive. We have found the Foundation’s creative solution this unique challenge to be truly remarkable.”

Liz Lundquist, RN
Director of Children’s Services

In partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, ENF conducted a 2-year study to test shirt design, satisfaction and usefulness with these positive results:

of partners in care (parents, social workers) report that they feel less stressed when the child is wearing the Loving Tabs Shirt. This is partly based on observations of increased patient cooperation and decreased negative emotional reactions.
of patients indicated that the shirt improved their overall treatment experience.
of doctors and nurses overwhelmingly indicated that they prefer the Loving Tabs Shirt over alternatives. They indicated that the Shirt facilitates a faster procedure prep time improved experience for both patient and doctor.

ENF Big Vision

The ENF Big Vision is to provide at least one Loving Tabs Healing Shirt for each child in the U.S. fighting cancer…

Loving Tabs Chemo Shirts for Children

that’s equal to
40,000 children
each year!

Help us make a difference for children and their families battling cancer.