Aptos -> Watsonville -> Marina

Richard said he took it a little easier today because most of the course was flat, and every day has had hills. He has Big Sur coming up for the second half of Friday and all day Saturday. He said he enjoyed all the agriculture, especially the “Strawberry Fields Forever”  – http://youtu.be/gssl2fTQoIs

He seemed to be in a very happy place on this morning’s run. He said it was very quiet out, and that he thought a lot about the strawberry fields. He doesn’t get bored….he just stays relaxed, and every now and then, adjusts his form.


Watsonville -> Marina

Major wind factor this afternoon. No hills to block the wind so, throughout the run, Richard was getting blown away at every angle. See how the wind blows through the American flag on his run: http://youtu.be/C7nujPOzh9k He only stopped once on this 15 mile trek to get some more powder and water in his bottle. As much as the winds blew all around him, he remained very calm and Zen-like. He shared his personal thoughts in this video crossing a bridge over HWY 1: http://youtu.be/BxUg8gkzZFQ

THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored him in MONTEREY/CARMEL.