Greyhound Rock -> Santa Cruz ->Aptos

Richard’s friend and SD Track Club member, Bob, joined Richard on the first 15 miles this morning. “Nice hearing someone else’s footsteps,” said Richard about Bob joining him today. Richard is very fortunate to have a great group of running buddies that will be joining him off and on throughout the route.

Richard is running through Santa Cruz in honor of Sisi: A 2 year-old, who travels from Spring Valley via Ride With Emilio to Rady Children’s for her treatments. Sisi loves to dress up in pink as a princess. Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma.

Greyhound Rock to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz -> Aptos. Second 15 miles.

Finishing in Aptos, Richard has ran about 100 miles so far. Richard said he was a little tired after the run on Day 4 but said he could run another 30 miles if he didn’t have tomorrow off. His legs are a little tight but nothing is hurt and he is still feeling good. He is constantly using a roller to roll over his legs and unleash the tightness that builds up in his legs. At the beginning of this trek, we had a photographer from the Santa Cruz Sentinel join us. A reporter and a cameraman followed us for about 5+ miles. It was pretty entertaining to watch them pop up at the turns.

Check out Richard cruisin’ the streets of Santa Cruz:

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Santa Cruz to Aptos Santa Cruz to Aptos

Santa Cruz to Aptos Santa Cruz to Aptos