San Francisco -> Pacific. First 15 miles.

Richard ran through San Francisco in honor of Stephanie: An 11 year-old, who enjoys Emilio’s Snack Bags as her mom learns new skills at ENF’s Knitting & Sewing classes. Diagnosis: Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored Richard in honor of Stephanie in San Francisco.

Richard began his first 15-mile run from the San Francisco Bridge to Pacifica. He said good-bye to his wife, Diane, and other special family members and friends. A big thanks to his buddies, Steve and Noah, for running with him that day and supporting him.

Check out the video of Richard starting off in SF with Steve:

San Francisco to Pacifica San Francisco to PacificaSan Francisco to Pacifica

Pacifica -> Half Moon Bay. Second 15 miles.

Richard’s friend, Noah, and Noah’s cousin, Josh, ran with Richard the next 15 miles that day. Look closely and you will see that Josh ran 15 miles in cargo shorts. The wind was a major factor today but it did not blow Richard away. He had some steep hills today but there is a quiet consistently about Richard that will enables him to run for days. He is running to raise $125,000 for the Emilio Nares Foundation, which helps families whose children are battling cancer. Donate now.

Pacifica to Half Moon Bay Pacifica to Half Moon Bay Pacifica to Half Moon Bay Pacifica to Half Moon Bay