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Ride with Emilio Imperial County

  • Launched 2015
  • Supports 12 patients and their families
  • Operates one van and one part-time driver
  • Traveling 26,000 miles for 233 rides per year
  • We need $50,000 annually (includes gas, vehicle maintenance, and paying the driver) to effectively serve the region

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Junior an dhis family - Ride with Emilio Imperial CountyIt’s hard enough moving around the valley without a car, imagine going all the way to San Diego. When he first started, it was kinda hard for him, for us, for everybody, but he’s doing better.”

– Francisco Carillo, father of 5-year-old Junior, the first patient to use “Ride With Emilio” Imperial County.

If you need transportation services in Imperial County contact your social worker or our transportation coordinator Luz at 619-944-1743.

Help us make a difference for children and their families battling cancer.