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August, 2012

ENF’S ANNUAL NEWS: Emilio’s Loving Tabs, Remem_Bear, College Internship and more!!

Check out all of our new programs, events coming up and all the achievements ENF has accomplished!! 2012 has brought a lot of positivity and energy to ENF and we look forward to a lot more to come  the rest of the year and the years to come!!! 

May, 2009

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: Knitting for Men, Keep On Benefit Concert, Dance Troop supports ENF and More!
As every month passes by, we continue to be positively suprised by the kindness and charity that comes from unexpected people who often surround us yet sometimes go unrecognized. Therefore, we dedicate this issue to all those generous hearts who are so supportive of our cause and who continue to stay by our side. Read More…

April, 2009

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: CECO AWARDS, Join Team Emilio, Spring Fundraiser and More!
In the month of April, ENF was recognized for our much needed services and programs. We extended our Family Resource Center hours and expanded our Knitting Program at Rady Children’s Hospital to two days. We are grateful and appreciative for our association with Rady Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. Read More…

March, 2009

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: Ronald McDonald House, Spring Celebration, Whale Watching Trip and More!
With Spring almost here, we are gearing-up for the new season with events and programs. Spring is a season for new beginnings, life, and hope. We continue to support our families, aiming always to bring joy comfort and words of encouragement to those in need. Read More…

February, 2009

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: Upcoming Events, E. Lee Walker Award, Volunteer of the month and More!
Highlighted by President Obama’s inauguration, the month of January marked the beginning of a new era and new hope. Now, it’s hard to believe February is almost over, hard economic times continue to affect all, but we all look forward to the future and to positive change. Read More…

January, 2009

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: The Nutcracker Ballet, Cancer Adventures: Turning loss into triumph book, Volunteer of the month and More!
As we begin a new year, we want to acknowledge our donors and volunteers for all their support and contributions to the foundation’s mission. We applaud your efforts and are thankful you share in our vision. Our success would not be possible without all of you. Read More…

December, 2008

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: Season’s Greetings from The Emilio Nares Foundation, Appreciated Volunteers, and More!
As we approach yet another holiday season, we stop and look at the past year and feel blessed for being on the receiving end of all your selfless support. The Emilio Nares Foundation is able to continue it’s mission because of your generosity. Read More…

November, 2008

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: Shop with Emilio this Holiday Season, Promoting Art for Ailing Children and More!
We need all of YOU and your enthusiasm to help in a new fund raising effort. By taking a few minutes of your time to enroll your credit, debit or grocery club card number in eScrip you can help ENF achieve its goals. Read More…

October, 2008

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: Healthy Eating and Nutrition Program, Emilio Sunflower Partners and More!
This month, our newsletter focuses on providing information about these various programs. Our programs are held at Rady Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.Read More…

September, 2008

ENF MONTHLY NEWS: Harvest for Hope, Camp Agape and More!
Welcome to the first edition of the electronic ENF Monthly Newsletter. We are aiming to establish this medium as a way to reach more of you and to keep our current base of support more up to date with ENF’s events, programs, and initiatives. Read More…

FALL, 2007

Harvest For Hope 2007, Livestrong, Living Spaces at Nady Children’s Hospital and more…Read More…

December, 2006

Our third annual food and wine tasting, Harvest for Hope 2006, held on September 17 in Mission Hills was a tremendous and tantalizing success… Read More…

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