The Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) is thankful to those who give of their time and talent to children with cancer and their families. It is in large part due to the assistance of community leaders and volunteers that ENF achieves its goals. ENF volunteers are continually sought to support the variety of future fundraising events and support our programs and services.

Current available opportunities:

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the application below and send it, or e-mail it to: diana@enfhope.org  or call: 858-571-3328.

Volunteer Application

Solicitud para Voluntarios











Intenship/Student Volunteer Program

Student volunteers/interns are a vital entity to ENF as they positively impact the families that need their energy, leadership and compassion. ENF has created this special project to promote student’s creativity and knowledge while showcasing the foundation’s mission and support to families affected by cancer.

Internships allow students to:

Enhance leadership skills
Earn community credit hours
Boost college applications
Empower you with new valuable skills
Touch the life of a child with cancer












Perla Jaime is a student at the University of Phoenix with a major in Human Services and began her internship with ENF in November 2013.  She became involved with ENF’s Crafts for Hope program, working directly with the kids and their moms, during ENF’s Knitting for Hope program at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego. She believes ENF is “a very good foundation, very supportive and friendly.”  She loved working and playing with Joel while his mom knitted a sweater for him. Even though her internship ended in February, she wants to be a volunteer for ENF for years to come! She witnessed firsthand how ENF is “a great contribution to our community, a big help to many families who need transportation and are enduring a hardship.”  We wish only the best for Perla and we are glad she is now & forever part of the ENF family!


Check out this video from one of our wonderful volunteers:


University of Phoenix


A special thank you to the University of Phoenix – San Diego Campus for their ongoing collaboration with ENF and for giving us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful volunteers through their internship program!


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